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Towards water sensitive cities and citizens

The 6th International Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference and Hydropolis #3
5–8 May 2009 · Parmelia Hilton, 14 Mill Street, Perth, Western Australia


On behalf of Engineers Australia (EA), the Stormwater Industry Association (SIA) and the Australian Water Association (AWA), we are proud to announce that in 2009 we will be coordinating WSUD09 in Perth Western Australia, incorporating the 6th International Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference and the 3rd Hydropolis.

The Conference will bring together guest speakers and delegates from some of the leading management, planning and infrastructure organisations to exchange ideas and information about the latest international methods and practices from around the world. The format for the Conference will include sessions, half day workshops, a Public Forum, Sponsored by the Water Corporation and technical tours.

Coinciding with this important event is the 20th anniversary of the creation of the term Water Sensitive Urban Design in a report released by the Western Australian Water Resources Council. The term acknowledges the very sensitive balance that needs to be preserved between urban development and the water elements of our environment. Like many coastal towns and cities in Australia, Perth is located on the edge of a very dry continent but it is naturally blessed with a rich and diverse water environment made up of wetlands, estuarine rivers and expansive resource of fresh groundwater.

WSUD was created as a holistic concept to find better ways to integrate the water environment and its resources into the planning, design and ultimately into the management of the urban environment. While the emphasis between engineering and more natural solutions may vary between locations, the concepts are essentially the same, and initiatives and innovative practices are transferable. Since then, it has become apparent that we need to adopt WSUD in all cities and settlements across Australia.

Globally, the pressures of intense urbanisation and the challenges of a changing climate have highlighted the need for better integration of land, water and for infrastructure planning to make our cities and communities more resilient and sustainable.

We have to enhance our policies and implementation techniques as we move towards more ‘Water Sensitive Cities and Citizens’. We have to become less water hungry, with better protection and practices for water quality, with water stored and used on-site within communities and where we look after our urban waterways as ecological and amenity assets.

We encourage you to become an active part in this event by presenting, displaying or sponsoring the 2009 Conference.


This conference will explore ‘the state of the art’ and transition pathways for the future through papers on implementation and case studies, leading edge research and the policy and regulatory environment needed to facilitate a shift toward Water Sensitive Cities and Settlements.

Some of these interactions of water and the urban environment interrelated ‘lenses’ include:

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